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  • Pretty simple. My girlfriend freaks at the sight of roaches. I saw one in my kitchen one day, and knew that if she saw it or knew about it...she'd NEVER spend the night over here again. Well, know you know Jellybean, but that was like back in October. Pest Tech came through and did the magic sweep. He left traps and sprayed in all areas. Then he came back 2 weeks later to do a follow through. He was real knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Since then, I haven't seen another roach."

    Mark A.

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We are a local extermination business that has been serving the residents of Chicago for over 30 years. With our team of professionals, we will get the job done.

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Don’t let your pest problem get any worse. To book an appointment, please call 773-722-PEST (7378). We service residential, commercial, and institutions.

Help prevent the spread of nuisances!

Bed bugs are back! There are more today in 2010 than there have been since the 1950s, and they continue to get worse throughout the country. If you suspect you have bed bugs (usually indicated by mysterious mosquito-like bites or itchy rashes that occur in the night), please call as soon as possible. Bed bugs will not only spread to other rooms, but throughout entire building complexes.